True Colours Iain

Cucin 155

I play recently more games with Iain in tournaments which was not played in standard formats and I have felt that it could be good ID pick also for this True Colours tournament where we were supposed to play only in faction cards and 5 influence spending only for neutral cards. So Iain´s normal 10 influence was not disadvantage at all. I added some good stuff criminal cards like Bravado, Diversion of funds, Miss Bones and Carrer Fair for installing of resources. I choosed Citadel Sanctuary Rogue Trading synergy, and added Katie Jones and one card which you hardly see in normal format Tri-maf Contact. Very refreshing for this kind format is fact that you has to take other cards you hardly ever take to normal competitive meta. I like this deck of Iain also because of huge amount of card draw (Earthise Hotel, The Class Act and mainly Drug Dealer helps a lot). Maybe i would next time change No One Home for Caldera. It was fun to play with this ID. I enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks for all my opponents, it was fun to battle aggainst your cool decks (especially against ThornWulf Blue Sun deck which I would be gratefull if he publish). Thanks also to all organisators: Longi, Krasty and TwadaCZ and also streamers and commentators like Cluster Fox, Vesper, Paulyg, rottage, jakuza, Slowriffs and so on (sorry if I missed someone) It was fun and well organized.

31 Jan 2021 Longi

@Cucin Hey mate, thanks for shout-out. Really good idea to take Ian since his low influence does not matter here. I saw you practise your decks and you played better than your standing in this tournament suggests. Maybe next time;)