TRUE Geistbuster (2nd @ Stay true to your colours)

Odol 372

It looks like NBN still has everything it needs to make a decent glacier deck: good economy, great agendas, and a few pieces of ice that are just nightmarish when the runner is tagged… or when you happen to be ACME.

This is the deck I took to 2nd place in the ‘Stay true to your colours’ tournament. The format guaranteed that there will be no Apocalypse to kill the outrageously taxing servers once they are built, nor Hunting Grounds to work around the Data Ravens… making sure that all the pieces of ice in a big server are at their full capacity.

As I could not play any Ash/Batty in this format, and I find Red Herrings pretty weak as a defensive upgrade, I went for NAPD Cordon as a scoring enabler. It only requires your big 5/3 agenda to survive unadvanced on a server overnight, and then you can just go Adv Adv NAPD, making Bellona a whopping 13 to steal! And the best part is, this Lockdown works on all servers, rendering glory runs on centrals pretty demanding as well.

The only real spice is Navi Mumbai City Grid, whose main goal was to obliterate Geist – the one ID that does not care for my barriers being 8 strength. Guess what – we did not have a single Geist in the entire tournament. The grid does some serious work against most runner decks anyway, though, depriving them of a wide range of cheeky tricks: - Installing breakers mid-run (SMC, Simulchip, Prognostic Q-Loop, Street Peddler) - Breaking subs with naughty toys (Boomerang, Logic Bomb, Kongamato/Ghabali) - Helping break ice more efficiently (Datasucker, Takobi, Pelangi) It is also worth noting that even though the grid does not prevent the runner from gathering counters on the Turning Wheel, they need to trash Navi before the run in which they unload TTW, and running your servers even once is insanely expensive.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the tournament organizers, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Mildesorte for his incredible performance and a large ALWAYS BE RUNNING to the community who keep the game alive. Rock on!

17 Feb 2021 Radiant

What would you change to make this a "regular" deck using 15 influence?

17 Feb 2021 Odol

@RadiantI would probably go for 3x Border Control + 3x Surveyor, getting rid of all the Hydras and some mix of other cards... Perhaps could go down to 1 Attitude Adjustment, 2 NAPD Cordons and 2 Navis, as this ice suite would require less protection from non-ice toys.