Got the Whole Prison on Lockdown!

Baa Ram Wu 678

This is a disgusting Prison concept I put together on the morning of Lockdown 11.

Once set up the prison here is even more oppressive than the RP version due to the insane recursion package of Seidr + Ronald Five, Ramen Rai & Team Sponsorships.

Self Destruct Chips, Kuwinda and Riot Suppression help bring the opponent down to a hand size that makes triple Bio Ethics very lethal, Once you have a Ronald Five, Hostile and a Ramen Rai out you have a pretty good lock.

This was completely untested before the tournament and there are a couple of things I would change.

Firstly I put in MCA as a scoring out plan - however this is mainly because I forgot that Lakshmi Smartfabrics was a card which would suit this deck a lot better if it had a way to increase draw (i.e. Rashida - banned for this tournament). Lakshmi would be a 100% improvement as it would protect agendas in HQ.

The Red level clearances are in there to increase efficiency but I think that 1-3x Tech startup would do a better job here.

Jeeves would be really good to have here (again banned due to lockdown format) and you could play a different agenda suite then (possibly including show of force)

The ice suite was thrown together pretty quickly - Would be interested if people have suggestions for how this could be improved (the 3x Drafter is the only bit I am sure on)

One card I had completely overlooked would be Mumbad Virtual Tour - Forcing the runner to potentially lose a click, get a Seidr trigger and do some Damage with the Hostile Infrastructures (as well as having to spend the 5c) seems incredibly rude!

DBS would also be a delightful include especially considering its synergy with Ramen Rai but whether it's worth losing a hostile for I don't know.

Don't play this deck - it will either be miserable for you or miserable for the runner.

4 Feb 2021 Cucin

Hi Baa Ram Wu, I have tested your deck, actually I did some changes for competitive format (for instance add Jeeves, Mumbad Virtual Tour and Warroid Tracker and Daily Business Show, Tech Startup) and then I have started to play "your" deck. It was pretty interesting for me and fun to play, but not sure if it was also for runner. According to my opinion I think that Viktor 1.0 can be better than Eli 1.0 cause it costs for many runners same price to break or even more, and it has to be broken due first Viktor´s 1.0 subrutine, so Turning wheel counters is harder to farm. Secondly I think 2 Daily Businness Show are very good in this deck. So sacrifice 1 Hostile Infrastructure is ok. It should be nicely synergy with Raman Rai, unfortunatelly on jnet this synergy is not implemented, so you have to do it manually somehow. Then you can try also Warroid Tracker instead of Mumbad Virtual Tour, cause according to my opinion I think it´s slightly better,

And one question for you. Do you think that Team Sponsorship is right card for this deck? I didn´t score often so I think it´s not. Not sure

4 Feb 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Hey @Cucin

Nice - thanks for the feedback.

I 100% agree with taking out team spo's - I don't think they are right for the deck at all.

Warroid tracker is interesting but I think MVT may be better due to the forced nature of the trash - Meaning if they hit it with a click left you get to recur/do damage etc. almost guaranteed - in my current version I'm running 2 MVT's

I've also added 2 Tech startups - Haven't found the slots for Jeeves yet and not 100% sure of his value with the current agenda suite - did you keep it on 5/3's?

Victor 1.0 is actually a great shout - the ice is the part I have put the lest thought into so far - I think this is a esp. nice as TTW is defo an issue for the deck. I think maybe 2 Victor and 1 Hagen to replace the Eli's would be good.