Blockchain Transaction

Diogene 1633


UPDATE : Thimblerig will give you more options than Slot Machine. You can exchange Blue Level Clearance for Lateral Growth, if you think about using Wall To Wall more than I do.

Inspired by GingercredMan deck ( )

Simple plan : Make money, score behind ices.

Tricks of the deck : Get tempo from Blue Level Clearance, Red Level Clearance, Lateral Growth and Wall To Wall.

There is 19 transactions (all operations are transactions). It will quickly give Blockchain 8 subs and more, making it as expensive to break as Chiyashi.

Do no wait to get 6+ advancements on 6+ different ices to use Mass Commercialization. With 1 advancements, it equal Beanstalk Royalties. With 2, it is like IPO. With 3, wooohooo, yeah! Just use them as soon as you can. Each transaction used make Blockchain stronger.

Cyberdex Sandbox + Macrophage = no more pesky viruses.

Hortum give you the possibility to block AI, if it is the wincon of the deck (I see you Maven list).

And Border Control is the best agenda protection in Weyland. Having to pass again on Surveyor or Blockchain really sting.

Very straightforward deck. Enjoyable.

8 Feb 2021 GingercredMan

MassCom & Wall to Wall sounds fun. Going to have to give this version a spin.

8 Feb 2021 Diogene

@GingercredMan Here is an update : Thimblerig will give you more options than Slot Machine. You can exchange Blue Level Clearance for Lateral Growth, if you think about using Wall To Wall more than I do.

The deck was played on stream (in french) :


9 Feb 2021 ErikoftheNorth

This looks fun! Definitely will have to try this one out. :)

10 Feb 2021 Krams

This deck inspired me to make this list.
Less advancing, less AI hate and even my agendas print money, otherwise it's the same idea.

11 Feb 2021 Diogene

@ErikoftheNorth thanks for the comment, I hope you'll like it.

@Krams you list is very good. While my list clearly abuse the concept of using transactions for the ID, yours allow a faster gameplay and with more creds available. If I wanted to make this more competitive, I would probably use your list and maybe even use Jinja City Grid instead of Red Level Clearance.

13 Feb 2021 Xandorius

Congrats on Deck of the Week! Have you considered Afshar? It's a good defense against Hippo and decently taxing. If the goal is primarily a speedy rush, would Project Atlas be worth considering since the token can get you the next agenda?

13 Feb 2021 Diogene

@Xandorius this is an excellent suggestion. The reason I did not take Afshar is because it is enabled only on HQ. I wanted, for this deck, the ability to put ices around the board. While it is rare that the wincon of the runner is an AI, it sometime happen with Apocalypse list in anarch and criminal running Aumakua (like a certain insurance fraud deck ;-)

Mausolus help against anarch because it become very expensive. Against shaper or crim, it is the same as Hortum, for the same price. An argument could be made to use Formicary instead. You could check @Krams list on the same theme, it is very good.

Initially, in @GingercredMan deck, Project Atlas was used. But I wanted something that could bring me creds. After some testing, I saw that having self-protecting agenda was quite useful. Scoring an SDS Drone Deployment and taking out the only Engolo or Amina of the runner can win you games.

The cornerstone ices of this deck are Surveyor, Border Control and Blockchain. All other ices could be replaced by something else. So Afshar could be certainly slotted in. Weyland has a lot of ices that are good. Space ices (Nebula, Wormhole, Asteroid Belt) could be pretty good for a deck that use Wall To Wall.

This is a typical glacier deck. This deck could probably be used to teach the game, since there is no funky combo or trigger to understand. Put ice, play operation to put ices and rez them, then score behind ices.

13 Feb 2021 gilesdavis


14 Feb 2021 Diogene

@gilesdavis yes!

15 Feb 2021 Xandorius

@Diogene I definitely like the list and it's clear gameplan. It looks to me to be a primarily rushing deck, so I wonder if 5/3 agendas make that plan more difficult. Including 3/2s and maybe an Audacity would speed up the rushing plan.

I'm also a big fan of Fast Track in my "score behind ICE" decks, so that might be a worthy include too. Or even it's improved version in Digital Rights Management.

Regardless, the deck looks like a lot of fun, and I think you've found a core archetype that can be tweaked to work with different playstyles. Well done!

17 Feb 2021 m.p

What about swapping Mausolus not for the suggested Afshar, but for Akhet, as it synergises well with Wall To Wall and with 3 advancement tokens it has the same strenght as Mausolus + it´s imunne to Hippo anywhere, not just on HQ?

17 Feb 2021 Diogene

@m.p that is a good idea. In my way to run the deck, I seldom get 3 advancements on an ice. Sometime, a single Mausolus could get 3 advancements to get an ETR on it. Or to put 3 advancements on one or two Hortum to stop AI breaker like Aumakua or Eater (once it stop the gameplan of a Maven user).

Using Akhet is quite good. Once you get the 3 advancements, any run on it will bring you 1 cred and 1 advancement. Very good synergy. But before that happen, it will be pretty cheap to run past it. Tell how it went for you in your tests.

If you want to test further, try Formicary, it synergise with Surveyor.

Thanks for you suggestion, it is a good one and much appreciated. Cheers.