Punitive Exposition 54

Krams 936

Originally, this list had 49 cards, like decks normally should have.
Then I started tinkering around with a few cards and ended up having 54 and thought "Meh, I'll just ditch the 5 least useful cards after I tested this."
So I tested it. And nope, I'm not going back to 49. This works.

If you don't believe in 54 cards, though, take this recipe here to make it a 49 card deck:

This is literally the opposite of my final step in making this deck.
Do this and the deck becomes a very streamlined version of the original list by Diogene.

Now back to the list at hand:

Snare! wins games. period.
It's amazing how many kills single random Snare!s get in a deck that doesn't scream "I run Snare!" at first sight.
And even when they know you have them, using Preemptive to shuffle 2 Snare! back into R&D in late game is a valid defense against multi access.

Increased Drop Rates is usually installed fast, gets trashed and then does guard duty in Archives for the rest of the game, which helps against causal Archive runs.
Wanna load Datasucker and Aumakua? Ok, but I get to clear bad pub!

Regarding the other assets... Runners tend to be cautious to run IAA'd cards once they know or expect you have traps. The solution: IA them instead and let Akhet do the rest. Akhet always to the remote.

Punitive is Punitive.
If you have two of them in hand in such a rich deck, stealing a 3-pointer can be game over.
Divested Trust is a great enabler for this, actually, since the runner does steal, just loses the agenda afterwards.

9 Feb 2021 Diogene

Amazing! Testing it now!