Petit Poivron Rouge (old)

Diogene 1338

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Fast and simple. This sweet little red deck is easy to maneuver and will not take you long to finish the game.

Poivron rouge

With 40 cards, the consistency is good. Jinja City Grid will let you gain a good amount of tempo, saving you creds and clicks.

The best synergy is between Celebrity Gift and Subliminal Messaging. The later allowing to use the former without revealing too much info about your hand.

Shi.Kyū help you protect archive mainly. You want only to give 1 damage with it. Making run on archive useless or, if the runner take the negative agenda point, forcing the runner to win with 3 agendas, instead of 2.

Try to score only Obokata Protocol. The Future Perfect can defend only if it is not installed.

Since the game will not get past turn 16, usually, Cortex Lock does good work for cheap. Envelope will prevent The Turning Wheel farming.

Surveyor is just like always, very good.

There is no special trick in this deck, aside from Jinja City Grid (if you count it as a trick). You score behind ice, this is netrunner 101.

10 Feb 2021 Krams

14 ICE in 40 cards, what a recipe! :D
Interesting set of Code Gates. Is virus hate that much of a priority that you go completely without Code Gates against non-virus decks?

10 Feb 2021 Diogene

@Krams, I experimented with Engram Flush, but it is easy to break with Engolo and is disabled by Hunting Grounds. Same goes for Komainu.

Then I tried bigger ices like Chiyashi, but it become difficult to rez such expensive ice. The same goes for Mlinzi.

The psi ice can become expensive or pretty useless. I tried Mind Game, Mirāju and Aiki,

Engolo is really everywhere. So is Paperclip. Only Bukhgalter is not much used out of faction. But Code Gate breaker are usually very good at their job. Take Amina, which will break any code gate for 4 creds. Less code gate mean more headache for the runner. And with 9 sentries out of 14 ices, it become quickly draining for the runner, as sentry breaker are less efficient than other breaker.

Macrophage if virus hate and fodder for Surveyor. It will save many of your game to have the runner facing it.

This deck was part of a series based on speed running. It goes fairly fast without relying too much on combo pieces. Even if all the Jinja City Grid would not come out, you can still make a reasonable scoring server and win. The deck size really enhance the consistency of the strategy, even if it lower the dilution of the agendas (which can defend themselves pretty well).

Thanks for the comments. Cheers!