Petit Poivron Vert

Diogene 901

Fast and simple. This sweet little green deck is easy to maneuver and will not take you long to finish the game.

Poivron vert

With 40 cards, the consistency is good. Jinja City Grid will let you gain a good amount of tempo, saving you creds and clicks.

You gain further creds and draw with Rashida Jaheem, Red Level Clearance and Wall To Wall.

The runner need 4 agendas to win, you'll need 3 (usually), because of Global Food Initiative.

Since the game will not get past turn 14, usually, with 6 of 14 ices that are advanceable, you can start the grinder early. While having 3 advances on Akhet is nice, just one is enough to trigger the ID.

Surveyor is just like always, very good. But the synergy with Formicary is really fun. Put Formicary on archive, protecting nothing. But as soon as the runner goes on a server protected by Surveyor, pop it at the last moment, often throwing the runner math completely. On top of it, on the next run, Surveyor will be even stronger!

There is a lot of creds here. 6 agendas, all assets and operations, for a total of 21 cards that will give you creds. This is half the deck!

There is no special trick in this deck, aside from Jinja City Grid (if you count it as a trick). You score behind ice, this is netrunner 101.