God of Psi School

tehepicwin 77

Prove your god-level psi game skills with this amazing psi game deck. Your game plan is to rely on your psi game skills to win, and little of anything else.

This entire deck is built to cycle to and recur Hyoubu Precog Manifolds to score 4/2, and scoring Global Food Initiatives with pre-installed La Costa Grids.

You have 3 Daily Business Show to filter your way to the HPMs. You will want to ice it, cause bad things happen if the runner trashes it for basically free and you will likely get flooded to death. In general, you plan on building two remotes. The other assets can get stuffed in the remotes depending on the situation. You will also be digging for your recursion operations because you will need to play multiple HPMs to win.

We have some cheap yet taxing ice, so the runner won't always be able to challenge the scoring HPM server. The "ETR" ice should go on the scoring server, which includes Mind Game and Upayoga.