Insurance Fraud 1.0

Xandorius 335


This is an iteration of the 419 list that I have been running in a tournament that I learned about through the Itinerant Protester's Discord channel. I recommend you check them out; they're great for learning and improving your game! Shoutout to ValeNetrunner for organizing the event.


The goal of this deck is to push the corp's econ down while making you money. Use that money to threaten the remote and make defending every server too difficult.

Thematically, I liked the idea of a scammer like 419 diverting the Corp's funds then exploiting their lack of money by blaming them for a Mining Accident. All the while you threaten to show off your Bravado if the Corp puts up a lot of defenses.

In practice, this is a largely 'good stuff' Criminal deck. Draw, money, decent breakers, go!


Usually I aim to prioritize money in my opening hand. Early econ is valuable because Amina, Earthrise Hotel, and The Class Act are expensive tempo hits, so you want to dampen them as best you can.

Early Boomerang is useful against rushing Corps and early Rezeki helps the glacier matchup. Rezeki, Mining Accident, Miss Bones, and Falsified Credentials help out in the asset spam and any late-game match.


I find the mid game with this deck is usually the struggle point. With 1x of each breaker you sometime risk them being at the bottom when you need them. Further, the Amina install can be a tough tempo hit. Lastly, you are somewhat vulnerable to ping net damage or program trashing, so you want to make sure you secure your breakers in place before you really take off.

Paragon and The Class Act both help with getting your pieces sooner than later and Aumakua helps to cover your bases until you have everything set up.


With the economic pressure you can put on the corp, the bad pub you can generate, your drip, and your fairly efficient breakers, this deck performs very well in the late game against most corps and performs well against glacier and in asset spam that isn't NBN: Controlling the Message. If your meta has a lot of CtM I'd recommend slotting in a Citadel Sanctuary.

Against kill decks you want to maintain an econ advantage. This works fairly well against SEA Source or Hard-Hitting News decks. The deck can struggle against net damage oriented decks if they can ping your breakers and lock you out. Further, rigshooter and program trashing decks can make things tough because you don't have any recursion. Thankfully I find those matchups uncommon, and rush/glacier/Asa/tag kill more frequent.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at the deck! If you would like to take a look at an earlier iteration of this deck in action, check out Metropole Grid's stream on YouTube from 2021-02-11 wherein he does a review of one my early matches in the tournament. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback I'd love to hear it! Take care!

12 Feb 2021 Raiddinn

Would Passport be worth considering over Amina, since you could lean on Aumakua and Boomerang vs remote code gates and it would save you 6 up front?

13 Feb 2021 Xandorius

@Raiddinn Thanks for taking a look at the deck! I think Passport is a little too risky since Aumakua often doesn't get to high strength past the midgame anymore, and for me I typically trash it to keep a rig of the three main breakers and 2x Rezeki. I also think that Amina's tax on the corp can add up, especially if you get a bad pub or two and the Corp has a cheap codegate server. If you get into a server for cheap, then getting an access and putting the corp down 1 can really add up.

13 Feb 2021 m.p

In the description you wrote that Aumakua is there to cover you until you set everything up, isn´t it worth it to swap at least 2 Aumakuas for 2 Special Orders so your setup will be much faster? Also, what about swapping Paperclip and one Deuces Wild for a Corroder and a Mining Accident and adding either third Boomerang to improve early game and get past ice without breakers or a single Rip Deal to deal with rigshooter and single net damage trashing your breakers?

13 Feb 2021 m.p

Overall, I like the idea of improving 419 econ denial deck by Mining Accidents

14 Feb 2021 Xandorius

@m.p Thanks for the comment! I agree that the Mining Accidents help quite a bit with the econ denial approach to the deck's plan.

I think you could definitely test Corroder vs Paperclip but so far I've found that a big advantage to Paperclip is the ability to discard it early when you don't need it yet and then install it when you encounter the first relevant barrier. With Corroder you more likely need to install it ahead of time, which is a little slower tempo wise. Freeing up influence for the 3rd Accident is worth trying though!

I think with Aumakua it's valuable to have 3 because seeing the turtle early increases its value considerably. Being able to pressure the corp to spend instead of expose cards and give turtle tokens is great early pressure. Once that pressure is less effective, you probably have your other breakers set up. It's not that Aumakua is weak, it's more that there's a shift over the course of the game where you start with Aumakua then transition to your other breakers.

17 Feb 2021 m.p

I actually forgot that Aumakua charges from exposing and thought that it is there only as a backup breaker until you install other icebreakers, but I still think that Special Order is worth including as the first can tutor Aumakua and the second (or even third one if you include it as a card 46) can then tutor other icebreaker and won´t be just a dead card.