An Actual Dyperish List v0.1 - 3-1 2nd @ Swiftie GNK

rotage 2316

Unrelated Story Part 2

It was a tepid bleak night and Rotage in the Dyper lab trying to design a new terror to blight the world with, he thought the latest design might be worthy of testing so he decided to summon Rotage1 to help test. He fired up the intercom to summon Rotage1 "Rotage1 please report to Dyper Labs" He then waited, no response, he figured Rotage1 was away from his post temporarily so he tried the intercom again, again no reply

At the point Rotage heard footsteps "Ah Rotage1 must have heard but opted not to reply and just attend". He opened the door to the lab and infront of him was not Rotage1 but someone he did not expect to see

To be continued*


So I wanted to play "fun" decks for the event, I had about 20 minutes before the event, so I just grabbed the little bro list that I have been playing for a while and decided to jam 6 Fear the Masses into it

The idea of the deck is play netrunner as normal, store Fear the Masses on bookmark then when either a) you get bored b) opponent might win c) you feel like it. You then pop bookmark and play some Fear the Masses, ideally you play 3 then run the archives, or if you are confident corp cant win or recover play 4 and run archives in a future turn

Card Breakdown

The changes were as below. I dropped the influence cards for slots and because I needed bookmark, Gacapon because I didn't want to reveal Fear the Masses nor lose any

-1 Hunting Ground
-1 No One Home
-3 Gacapon
-1 Hippo
-1 Turning Wheel
-1 Fencer Fueno
+6 Fear the Masses
+2 Book Mark


This deck is dumb and shouldn't be played by anyone


I'd thank Rotage1 but no idea where he is, so I'll thank Swiftie instead for running a great event
14 Feb 2021 DonLoverGate

Fear the Masses is interesting. I'm wondering about clicks to do all the stuff - how about Amped Up to run a few more times, or is that a win more?

14 Feb 2021 rotage

@DonLoverGate Good question, the list was chucked together last minute with no testing, as bookmark is hosting the Fear the Masses it should be fairly safe to play Amped Up, so yeah that seems like a good thing to try out

14 Feb 2021 Longi

Hey, congrats on such a good placing with those rogue decks. I love what you did to our Hoshiko list :) And I actually saw it work during a game, so congrats to that too!

14 Feb 2021 rotage

@Longi Thanks you, really enjoyed playing your Hoshiko list so was nice to put a differnt spin on it, I might see how I can develop this further

15 Feb 2021 Tolaasin

Does this mean I gotta go find my copy of Ruhr Valley Grid again?

15 Feb 2021 rotage

@Tolaasin Lol I mean you could, but I don't think I need an intervention yet...

15 Feb 2021 gilesdavis



16 Feb 2021 rotage

Haha, I'll be publishing my PE list soon, so you will find out then...

23 Feb 2021 Swiftie

Now that this is unfortunalty deck list of the week do we get to hear about the PE list and Rotage2.

I should point out that it was Rotage1 that was playing in the GNK. Swiftie1 never gets to join in the fun.