Cyberdelia-driven Khusyuk Studies (needs work)

Krams 936

I blatantly stole the core idea from someone on JNet a while ago, but heavily modded the list.
Sorry for the lack of reference, but I couldn't find anything like this on NetrunnerDB.
Maybe that should be a hint that it's not a good idea, but I tinkered around with it anyways... Not to much success so far :D

Game Plan

Multithreader is used to pump up Study Guide early game and fuel runs later, making the first run per turn very cheap, preferably a net gain with Cyberdelia.

Since all of these core cards have a printed install cost of 3, Khusyuk and Modded work great here.

3x Pelangi with 3x Simulchip make sure Study Guide is our universal breaker most of the times, but we do have a backup.
Bukhgalter is great for this, because it supports our "one run per turn" strategy.
And Paperclip is Paperclip, obviously.

Since we already have 3x Pelangi and 3x SMC, Clot helps a lot with establishing a remote lock to stop the Corp from winning.

Harmony AR Therapy lets us stay in the game. Prime target is of course Khusyuk. For long-running games getting a Pelangi and a Simulchip back gives us 4 more charges of "this ICE is cheap now".
Getting Diesel back helps a lot in actually drawing the reshuffled cards.

Further thoughts

This needs more draw. Despite being only a 40 cards deck I feel like I need to click for cards a lot.

Can another ID do the same thing better?

Maybe add a Console?
(Preferably for 3, like Mind's Eye, Maya, Aniccam or Mirror)

Maybe add Rebirth to Kit?

Khusyuk is the main win condition, maybe add another way out, like TTW?

16 Feb 2021 Baa Ram Wu

If draw is needed Annicam would certainly make sense - probably just a 1 or 2 of in replacement of a cyberdelia

Win con wise you could consider swapping Paperclip for Lady and adding a Medium?

17 Feb 2021 Krams

@Baa Ram Wu Ahh, yes...
I started the list before Salvaged Memories and didn't think of Lady or Medium when I took another look on it recently. I'll give it a try!

17 Feb 2021 valerian32

Also for multiaccess indexing is very cheap with Salvaged Memories. And rebirth to kit.

17 Feb 2021 Krams

Hmm, Indexing and Khusyuk sounds like a bit of an overkill...
On the other hand, Indexing is a lot stronger early on and requires way less setup.
Maybe the Salvaged Memories meta isn't a good time to test Khusyuk, since it's basically a nerfed reprint of a card we just got back.