Professor Richest

Northnilly 7

Not slow at all. Always got over 50 credits at the end of game...No ICE can stop him
23 Nov 2013 HepatitvsJ

As a professor deck looks good. I would drop -3 Ice analyzer, -1 Easy mark, -1 Professional contacts for +3 Modded, +2 datasucker. With sahasrara you have enough economy for programs and the modded will help with a lot of hardware and programs. Datasucker will give you FAR more than one easy mark over the course of the game. Even then, you're still 10 cards over a 45 card deck. You'll tend to want to stay closer to a 45 minimum than go over. I recomend dropping these 10 cards. -1 The Toolbox, -1 morning star, -1 ninja, -1 atman, -1 gordian blade (datasucker and yog should take care of most ICE, Parasite any it can't), -1 Sahasrara, -3 dirty laundry, If you're really getting 50+ credits in a 60 minute corp/runner game (I design with tournament play in mind only. casual is different) it works as is. :)