Hivemind of Glory

Diogene 1314


Using and abusing Hivemind in the current meta. Since every viruses program share the viruses on Hivemind, there is a natural synergy with Aumakua and Medium.

First, the Mulligan Plan : You want two pieces that give creds in you hand. Ideally a Paladin Poemu and Rezeki. This will speed up your setup, since early econ will be a bit difficult.

Using Knobkierie, you can put additional viruses on Hivemind. This will boost also Aumakua and Medium, since those two do not consume (unlike Consume, get it?) viruses. Runs on R&D become easier and will yield more.

It is already known that Datasucker, combine with Aumakua is the fast way to have a cheat breaker. Each successful run normally make Aumakua twice as strong, since you can lower the ice strenght with Datasucker. But with Hivemind combine with Knobkierie, it become thrice as strong.

Consume will let you get a whopping amount of creds, since it will consume (eheh, let's stretch the pun) every viruses on Hivemind and Consume. Normally, you will need to do this once in the whole game, at most. When would you do it? When you suspect a purge next turn and cannot win in your current turn. Might as well get a pile of creds before that.

With Cyberfeeder and Paladin Poemu, installing viruses programs is pretty cheap. Virus Breeding Ground will help you keep Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist full of viruses to trigger the ID and can feed Hivemind (without even running!).

Eater will allow you to make one successful run and restart the whole package. Aside from Rezeki, you don't really need more than one of every virus programs. The core is Aumakua + Datasucker + Hivemind + Knobkierie. Medium is needed also, but secondary to the others.

There is a lot of redundant cards, which will let you resist grinders and also get your pieces faster. You have pretty good drip econ, with Rezeki, Paladin Poemu and Cyberfeeder (considering that you have 13 viruses programs, they count).

Like all combo, it is a bit clunky and heavy, but like a Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist rig, once setup it is near unstoppable.

And the R&D multiaccess is straight on insane! Happy running!

21 Feb 2021 Jtfq99999

If you use Consume like that, there is Acacia, which is 0 inf and works for every virus counter.

No ice destruction package ? Trypano, Parasite, Chisel

21 Feb 2021 Jtfq99999

Do you think Contaminate to quickstart the engine after a purge would be great ?

21 Feb 2021 Diogene

@Jtfq99999 Acacia is great. Here is the reasons why I did not include it (those are not exactly good reasons) :

  1. I had a lot of influence to spare.
  2. Consume can be triggered to get you creds in a pinch. Letting you prepare for a suspected Hard-Hitting News or Punitive Counterstrike.

But really, it is because of the first reason mentioned. Lately, I cut a Eater for one extra Knobkierie, because the later is a core piece. What could I do with the influence?

You are completely right about Contaminate. If you had 2 Virus Breeding Ground on the board, you can put back 5 counters on Hivemind without even running. That would be great to jump start the game.

Slots are tights. The core of the deck is Knobkierie + Hivemind + Aumakua + Medium.

Friday Chip could be cut. And a Datasucker could also be cut to make space for Contaminate. This is worth testing.

As for ice destruction, it is not needed. Once you get 5+ viruses on Hivemind, you can probably pass any ices for very cheap. And then, you get to force open R&D in a big way (6 cards on the first run). Once setup, the game goes much much faster for the runner.

If you test it out, tell me what you think of this. Cheers.

22 Feb 2021 rotage

Fun deck :)

Have you tried/considered Gachapon to help speed up the deck? you have more than enough targets for it

22 Feb 2021 Diogene

@rotage that is a good idea. But what to cut. I'm testing the idea of @Jtfq99999 with Contaminate. I'll test also by replacing Contaminate by Gachapon. Since you really only need 1 of Hivemind, Aumakua and Medium, Gachapon could really speed up the process.

Thanks for the comments. Cheers!

22 Feb 2021 rotage

I've tried dropping #cyberfeeder for it as its not a gachepon target although I did find myself poorer without it

22 Feb 2021 Diogene

@rotage I tried it, combined with jtfq99999 idea of using Contaminate. I tried to keep only one Datasucker and one Imp. I decided to cut Datasucker finally, since Contaminate can really jump start the whole thing. Gachapon has 20 targets and will thin out the deck (there are many double, so it is easy to discard cards. With Contaminate, you can use it like a kind of Day Job and use the viruses on Consume to get emergency funds.

The best thing about Gachapon is the ability to get a Rezeki early.

The good thing about Cyberfeeder is that it can be used on the jump start run, when you need to use Eater. But I think that Contaminate will help more (meaning, never discard it to Gachapon). Since glacier deck could lock you out otherwise (with 3 ices everywhere, it can become prohibitive to make even a single run to restart the viruses.

All this to say that I think that you and jtfq99999 presented very goods ideas that help the deck be more efficient.

Once you have the combo, you will be able to see much of R&D very quickly, make the end game pretty quick.

23 Feb 2021 Jtfq99999

And Showing Off your viruses

23 Feb 2021 Diogene

@rotage and @Jtfq99999 : I'm trying to rework the deck to address the issue of speed and creds.

Here is my idea so far : No Contaminate. From the list :

-2 Consume, -2 Earthrise Hotel, -3 Cyberfeeder, -3 Datasucker.

+3 Acacia, +3 Modded, +2 Diesel, +3 Gachapon.

This resolve the creds and speed. Contaminate really jumpstart the whole thing, so I'll try to work it in. But Datasucker also help in that matter. Decisions, decisions...

23 Feb 2021 Shent

I've been loving the deck so far, but since it takes me some time to set up I've been running into problems with ai-resistant ice like Hortum. Do you see any way to slot in Parasite or something similar to help with those?

23 Feb 2021 Diogene

@Shent : You are correct, it is a problem. Instead of Consume, you could slot in Engolo, which is certain to let you pass one ice. This deck assume that Hortum will not be advanced everywhere. Engolo would solve that problem. In-faction, Parasite would solve this. But what would you cut in the deck to make space for Parasite?

This is an intesresting question and it has to be addressed. Tell me how it went for you in your games with the different options.


24 Feb 2021 rotage

@Diogene No consume, wow thats a big econ change, how has the deck been doing without it? I'll try your changes and see how it feels

25 Feb 2021 M0H4WK

Il_Falco here.

right now i'm trying things out with 3 smc, 3 rezeki and gachapon. Helps you get the pieces with stimhack quite fast. Also as i said in the chat, Eater should be a priority. It forces rezzes and slows the corps plan down.

Right now i'm on contaminate+Labor Rights so i can recover from a purge quite fast.