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TL;DR: Setup Hayley with Ankusa + Pelangi as the breaker suite.

Thanks to @Diogene, and IPT discord for discussing the deck with me!

Possible questions:

  1. Where's the Xanadu, Network Exchange ?

  2. Why not all of them ?

    • It did use all of them. I cut them because it slows down the setup for a more powerful endgame...... which does not happen since corp can always score out before it.
  3. Peace in Our Time ?? Why are you speeding up the corp ??

    • Given that good corp decks have their own econ, they can always prop up their credits to the 10+ range to enable most plays. If the corp is rich 5 credits more is nothing.

    • If the corp is broke (<5 range), you can just, not play this card until they recover ? If they durdle around broke it's better for you to setup anyways. (PS: not likely gonna happen against good decks, since you most likely would not give any pressure early)

    • The upside is 9 credits gain (Stimhack except real credits). This would speed up the setup massively. (Currently best game I'm on remote lock starting turn 6)

  4. Isn't Ankusa, like really expensive to break ?

    • Yes, the deck tries to support that with massive drip (Data Folding, Rezeki, Daily Casts in a sense), and Dedicated Processor (Suggested by @Diogene) to cut down on the boosting costs.

    • The upside is that, it bounces the ICE to hand, which is functionally a derez that costs a click to reinstall it back. With Hernando Cortez, you are basically paying 1 more to break each sub to make the corp spend 1 more for each sub.

  5. What if the corp can win the money fight ?

    • They can't, outside of econ assets which you can trash with Miss Bones to lessen the strain on your econ.
21 Feb 2021 Diogene

I've made experiment with a different version. I currently use 3 Multithreader and it is giving me great results. For multiacces, I'm going with R&D Interface. Because of the redundancy of cards, setup feel faster. The advantage of faster setup is that you do not need to bounce every ices, if the corp cannot rez more than one per turn and you can bounce at least one per turn. The experiments are still in progress, I'll tell you more about it.

Funny interaction between Peace in Our Time and Hernando Cortez : if the corp is above 9 credits (probably because of Peace in Our Time), it cost more to rez ices because of Hernando Cortez. Making corp lose their credits that much faster. In the mean time, it sped up your setup tremendously. I think the trade is well worth it.

Two things to mention about the use of Ankusa : in a glacier, the corp lose even more credit when the ice is bounced back in hand, because there is a placement cost when the ice is above the first. Also, Border Control become completely ineffective because you are bouncing it back to hand before the corp can trigger the ice.

I love you idea of using Ankusa. Without it, I would not have tried such a thing. It is a lot of fun. It make Shaper feel like Criminal! Cheers!

21 Feb 2021 Jtfq99999

Multithreader is faster drip for sure, but how are you using it every turn ? 6c per turn cannot fund all the breaking costs, so you would still have other econ ?

21 Feb 2021 Diogene

Multithreader, combine with Rezeki and Dedicated Processor gives a pretty good way to bounce one ice per turn. That is the key. Run and run again, every turn, to get accesses and force the corp to make a hard choice : wait to gain more creds (the basic tenet of Hedge Fund is that you need creds to make creds) or rez now to stop you.

Because you have a "drip" of 6 credits that you "lose" if you do not use them, it incentize you to run every turn.

With Diesel, Professional Contacts, Hyperdriver, Beth Kilrain-Chang and Modded, it is possible to setup pretty quickly. Usually you can start running around turn 7 (give or take one turn).

22 Feb 2021 rotage

The deck looks fun, I found that I would lose the game while I was frantically trying to draw the Ankusa, would be good to speed it up possibly add diesel, SMC or more Ankusa

23 Feb 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Any deck with a single breaker will always peak my interest.

Couple of questions: What are you Dj-Ing for? I’m guessing quetzal or am I missing something?

I don’t see a lot of particularly valuable Harmony targets - are they just there for more pelangi/simulchip?

Have you tried with medium instead of Stargate? Feels like once you’ve cleared the ice on R&D you’d want to make max value from the turn rather than single Stargate run.

I’ve found good success running Surfer in decks similar to this as it gives a good way to challenge the remote. Don’t ask me where to find the 3 inf from but it’s a thought.

24 Feb 2021 Jtfq99999

@rotage It's hard to find corps that really rush you out on casuals. Do Clot not buy you time ?

24 Feb 2021 Jtfq99999

@Baa Ram Wu DJ for Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter

Yes, just Pelangi and Simulchip, and maybe some other cards that you threw / got pinged.

Medium would make the rig more vulnerable to purges, need the Pelangi to not get purged.

Hmm, normally I don't have problems challenging remotes in the late game. They can only rez so many ICEs under economic pressure.

24 Feb 2021 rotage

@Jtfq99999 I found I was just losing to the deck rushing out without Fast Advance. To be clear I was testing vs myself (as I always do)

vs any shaper I will always try to be aggressive as late game they tend to be strong so I want to either win or get as close as possible to that state before the inevitable shaper end game

I will certainly look further as I do love Ankusa, I'll let you know

26 Feb 2021 Jtfq99999

Yeah, the deck has no way to play against rushing