Cliquil 1148

Sometimes a flash of inspiration comes and should not be followed. Sometimes you realise a combo and there's actually no fundamentally good deck behind it.

Did you realise that Mirrormorph can make a Dedication Ceremony - Ronin happen FROM HAND,??!?!??!

I assume Nisei will ban this combo eventually. Because all you need is 2 cards, the runner to have 2 cards in hand, and for somehow the runner to have not won whilst this is happening, or to have some protection, AND THE WIN IS GUARANTEED


Publishing because I did 4 brain damage one game and then lost to a dig on R&D when Dedication Ceremony was the top card of R&D with a Ronin in hand and it made me cry a bit.

25 Feb 2021 ctz

This is tight

26 Feb 2021 GingercredMan

Seeing you lose two NEXT Wave 2 then score an overadvanced Vitruvius gave me the sads.

27 Feb 2021 Shorty

Nasty combo, even if you know its coming it can be lethal. Played against it a few times over the last days, fun games.

27 Feb 2021 manveruppd

Rotating Custom Biotics was clearly a huge mistake!

28 Feb 2021 Anzekay

Can't believe you'd slot NEXT Gold without Batty instead of Tyr, smh

28 Feb 2021 manveruppd

But it can trash UP TO 12 PROGRAMS @Anzekay!!!

1 Mar 2021 Cliquil

@Anzekay If Tyr has a weakness, and it surely must have one because no card can be as perfect as that card seems, it is that it doesn't trigger Next Wave

5 Mar 2021 Swan

HB could already kill a runner with only two cards in hand with Snare! so this seems completely above board