Bad Choices

lancetekk 2

My first try at deckbuilding. The idea is to make random access as unattractive as possible until one of the kill combos comes up. There are many advanceable assets in there to keep the runner busy, several options for defense and potential damage to open up scorch or punitive. Agendas drawn too soon could be recycled with Drudge Work. Ice is advanceable and intended to splashed out for a few assets, but the main focus is on centrals and a scoring remote.

I might have too many assets, as i am not sure if i can defend all of them properly, but the trashcosts are quite high.

I might also have not enough eco to get the ices rezzed without enough advancement tokens.

Let me know what you think.

23 Feb 2021 Krams

Welcome to the site and congratulations on your first deck :)
It's always good for a game when there are new players!

My main tip for your deck would be to sacrifice a few of your ICE to improve your economy instead.
20 ICE in 44 cards is a lot and a very defensive strategy. Unluckily such levels are defense are going to cost some credits, even if most of your ICE are cheap and some can be made cheaper by advancing them.

In the beginning it might look like you need that many ICE, but you will soon learn that you don't have to defend every asset and that most of the time you can reuse your servers for another asset after the asset that was in there was trashed by the runner.
Some of your assets are depleting themselves anyways and will not stay on the board for long.
Others, like Belsky and Rose for example have high trash cost in regard to their rez cost and that is what defends them. One little ICE in front of them can't hurt, but they don't need a big wall.

Another big thing is consistency. Your deck has potential and it has a lot of stuff going on. But it doesn't have that one single thing it is focused on. Yes, it's a kill deck. And it's fine to have multiple kill options. But most of the time, decks work better when they are a bit more "streamlined", as in, they have more copies of fewer different cards.

23 Feb 2021 m.p

How much did you use Alexa Belsky? I think that if you want to kill with Scorched Earth, you would probably need to swap her, Casting Call and Hard-Hitting News for 3 SEA Sources.

23 Feb 2021 lancetekk

Hey, thank you very much, both of you for your feedback! I will keep it in mind when i miss kill or tag-options :) I wasn't able to play with this deck so far, I need to get a feeling for not only piloting a deck with more of a plan than just "dont fall behind". I will definitely swap out the wormhole and the orion, most likely also the firewall.

23 Feb 2021 Saan

My main tip is that you need a lot more money in this deck. If you ever hope to beat the runner in a Punitive trace, let alone actually rez ICE, you're going to need cash. I'd look at some more popular decks and just try and get an idea about roughly how many economy cards they play. Most do 9-12 (and sometimes even more), depending on what they are, how they function, and how expensive their deck is.