Reavershop Redux


Mainly publishing for posterity sake, as this deck exists in this Salvaged Memory era, and with a 9 month old at home, I likely won't play this in a tournament before the meta changes. This has been my favorite runner to play in this meta.

What is Reavershop? For those who were not around for the golden era of this style of deck in 2018ish, here is the concept: Use Wu tricks (stimhack for bonus points) to pull out Reaver ASAP. Pawnshop is key to have early as well since it is your main econ. Use trash triggers, mainly from Aesop Pawnshop, to get extra draw to make up efficiency because you are not Hayley. Pray that what you lose out on by not having Hayley install and Proco you make up for with consistent set up and the ability to tutor out whatever program you need for the situation.

Tips, tricks and card choices:

  • Spec Work - I love this card in this deck because you can Wu out Harbinger, then spec work it, giving you a facedown card for Aesop and avoiding the RFG. You also get reaver trigger. Good in combination with diesel when you need burst draw for a power turn or did not get pawnshop early.

  • Harmony AR - You often have enough draw to get through the majority of your deck, and endgame you pull back key pieces to finish the game.

  • Stimhack- classic Wu card in combo with double SMC early game,. Most common targets are reaver and rezeki early game to set up draw and economy

  • Indexing- before salvaged this used to be stargate, but as with most Wu decks memory is a big issue. Your main strategy is to camp the remote and hope to snipe an agenda or two while setting up indexing runs.

  • simulchip - After reaver and pawnshop, this card is super important as you need to recur your tools. Common targets are lady, imp and clot, followed by harbinger for late game

  • Kati Jones - There is enough draw in this deck that you can afford to spend one click a turn on this. Key for glacier matchup to set up remote or indexing runs as burst.

  • Daily Casts - gives you a reaver trigger when it trashes itself so you don't have to Aesop other cards to maximize your triggers

  • 1x Cache? - Due to harbinger/spec work interaction in Wu, this becomes 2nd best aesop card

  • Clot? - Not sure if this is necessary in this meta, but helps with San San City Grid. Not sold on it.

  • 1x Rezeki? - Not enough memory for more and give you early stimhack target with reaver

  • Imp - key card in this deck in asset matchup and clears out tools from hq, often recurred multiple times

  • Lady - efficient and pawnshop target, 2 is enough but often use them up especially in glacier games.

This writeup is probably lacking, but long nights of no sleep with baby this is what I will give everyone. Last point, how can you do Salvaged Memories with Salvage? What a crime! Joking aside this meta has been fun with this deck.

26 Feb 2021 Radiant

I have played against this deck many times, it's strong!

Is 1x Cache really better than a 3rd Stimhack?

26 Feb 2021 SMITTYL

I think you are right @Radiant, part of me wanting to put another salvaged card in there but early stimhack is big, and helps with indexing.

26 Feb 2021 MadeNPlayed

Two things I've learned from this deck and it's notes:

  1. Spec Working a Cache with Reaver on the board is such a feel good combo and works great with Wu's ability to tutor Cache

  2. It looks like I'll be saying Au Revoir to the sleep I was counting on when my 2 month old hits 9 months

Great deck, though I'd probably try to slot a few Flame-Outs to help bypass Wu while offering additional Pawnshop targets when depleted.

27 Feb 2021 Swiftie

I really like Wu because you can play different from other shaper and have some spicy cards you can grab. I'm always a fan of Imp in shaper.

Looking forward to trying it out at some point and seeing what the new cards will help out with the deck.

Thanks for sharing.

27 Feb 2021 SMITTYL

@MadeNPlayed`Sadly Wu can’t directly pull viruses, that would be some gas! Flame out was definitely in this deck at one point, especially since you can pawn it when you are done, I might revisit this.@Swiftie`Hope you enjoy! This has been a lot of fun for me and each time out it is different.

28 Feb 2021 jamesmarcus

@MadeNPlayed You can't tutor Cache with Wu since it's a virus progam.

28 Feb 2021 MadeNPlayed

@SMITTYL&@jamesmarcus Of course you’re both correct . See? Sleep deprivation is rough!

6 Mar 2021 ValkyriezGaming

I've been playing this deck a lot lately and really enjoying it. I did make some changes though. First, for consistency I cut the cache for a 3rd stimhack. I want to see it first two turns or so so a 3rd copy was needed.

Second, I cut the 1x kati Jones for a 2nd rezeki. This probably isn't necessary and should be a 2nd copy of Beth to find her sooner truthfully. I've had both rezekis installed in several games though and it's felt pretty good with the drip econ.

Lastly, I cut Clot. I know, "shaper staple". I just rarely see the need for it and it gets used 1 in 10 games, I cut it for 1x Miss Bones which gets used every single game with the expensive upgrades in glacier or the expensive assets in asset spam.

Its been going overall pretty well so far. I'd also like a 2nd HART if I can, maybe that's the rezeki slot.

6 Mar 2021 SMITTYL

@ValkyriezGaming thanks for the feedback! I like the changes because it seems like early stimhack is clutch. Also I am on the fence about both Kati and Clot, plus you can always spend bones down to 1 credit then pawn it for more value, and prevents overtaxing imp. I feel like it’s hard to get more than 1 rezeki and Hart works really well so it can go either way.

6 Mar 2021 Swiftie

When MrEhjiwurth and I play shaper we never really like playing clot. If we Imp all the fast advance stuff they can't score.

Looking forward to what random shaper mess we make with the new cards.

8 Mar 2021 ValkyriezGaming

@SMITTYL Yeah, Clot just doesn't do enough work for me and Bones does in every single game that I wish I had 2 of them, I do pawnshop her at 1c for free money and draw.

I think the 2nd rezeki is definitely another HART, all too often I stimhack the 1st one away and due to Lady and Imp and potentially Ika, I want more recursion and another HART does that. Its a rare game I don't go through the entire deck anyway. Plus, occasionally you need to sacrifice cards for CWP, obakata or hit a snare/viral or in my case yesterday, a jubebug for 6 damage.