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nchoong1 750

Weyland focuses on economy and "standard" ICE with a trap or two for sting. Cards up to What Lies Ahead (first data pack, mandatory pack anyway because corp needs it)

Every card should be readily understood, and there should be a minimum of rules clarifications necessary.

4 Jun 2014 Exo

Nice, I was wondering what kind of deck could be good for my friend to learn the game. Do you have a good runner match up for it?

4 Jun 2014 nchoong1

@Exo here you go

4 Jun 2014 Exo

Thanks man

23 Oct 2014 Rulqu

Don't know if bad luck but what to do when even after mulligan I get the expensive ICE's in the beginning and agendaes. Had to dig the deck too much so I needed to trash the ICE from hand which ruined my endgame.