Dirty Consultants (3rd at Lockdown Dozen)

Longi 1436

dirty consultants

Some content notes:

Reeducation: did not do much, on the other hand Degree Mill never does either.

Sea Source + Scorched Earth over HHM + Boom: tournament restrictions suggested that most runners will be shapers (correct guess) which meant less IHW and more Misdirection in decks

Navi Mumbai City Grid: hate card against shapers

Thimblerig: for neccessary ice replacement in order to exploit the ID ability to maximum potential

PS: As always, big thanks go to all participants, you were amazing. The series gets better and better and not only for that we are grateful to @Vesper;)

PPS: Congrats to the tournament winner Krasty, our mate and friend and proud member of SMC team :)

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1 Mar 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Nice stuff Longi - I think ACME was a great call for a meta without paperclip or corroder! (Certainly what I would have been playing if I could have dragged myself out of bed early enough!)

1 Mar 2021 Longi

@Baa Ram Wu Thank you. ACME was definitely a good call, Data Ward and also Pachinko did some work. The only thing the glacier builds really missed was Border Controll (or Batty), especially when Stimhack was allowed.

I definitely understand you could not get yourself out of bed, I had similar problem, but the tournament was great as always and definitely worth the effort. See you at Lockdown 13 then;)