Maxx Crazy 88 (l12)

theoneakaneo 83

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wanted to play a large pile of silly Maxx cards & hf

1 Mar 2021 willybn1

Awesome deck !

1 Mar 2021 theoneakaneo

it was so much fun to play maxx again

and I wasn't gonna let a lack of corroder or paperclip (locdown 12 tournament's banlist) stop me :)

(went 1-3, but had so much fun trying to pilot this heap of cards)

2 Mar 2021 shruthless

Did you, by luck, find Lucky Find in any of the games? :)

2 Mar 2021 Humblejuggernaut

Hah, I see triple Knife, was that to acknowledge the banned Corroder and Paperclip?

2 Mar 2021 theoneakaneo

can't remember how lucky I was finding Lucky Find ... :)

Knife to get rid of nasty barriers

Sadly, I cán remember not finding solutions in time when facing Data Ward

11 Mar 2021 manveruppd

Is this 11 worse or 11 better than 99-card Maxx?

12 Mar 2021 theoneakaneo

It sounds cooler imho 😎

Finding a fracter is the fun challenge here in this lockdown format