Lockdown 12: Feb 2021. LLLW

willybn1 11

Having been out of Standard for a couple of months, playing lots of Reboot and Retrunner i wanted to play Vespers Lockdown having missed #11. So short cut - I net decked this to give me a break from the ICE destruction Kim decks I was playing in previous rounds.

I had to cut Daily Casts for Human First but otherwise I think this is same as original.

Round 1 loss vs BaBW Weyland and so close, this went to time. i had a loaded Medium and had Showing Off in hand. click 1 run RnD nothing, clicks 2 and 3 creds (to feed the E3) click 4 Showing Off i fell one card short of getting into the bottom of RnD ! surely i would have won? but no.

Round 2 Loss vs Harmony Meditech. Again close, i was taking net left and right but at the crucial time made a mistake again with Showing Off! i ran first click into RnD to boost Medium but the one net i took from Hosuki Grid (?) hit my SO! doh ! should have played that 1st. Oh well.

Round 3 loss vs ACME Consulting. Tags and Macrophages everywhere and despite my holding 10 cards with Obelus eventually succumbed to Boom! well played mcg

Round 4 Win vs Builder of Nations! Against only one ICE on RnD i was able to get the pressure up with Medium and the support faction cards Kong / Boomerang and E3, even managed to successfully run Showing Off that hit a High Risk Investment. after both me and opp caught breath with rounds of Purge and Day Job i sniped the winning agenda from HQ. Don't think i installed Faust in the game at all!

Overall really enjoyed playing this deck and Lockdown 12.

My personal targets for the tourney (thanks again Vesper) 1. don't come last and 2. (stretch target) win at least one game with each side. I ended up 'not last' and took 2 corp and 1 runner win

2 Mar 2021 theoneakaneo

crazy "Showing Off" game, 1 card/1 credit made all the difference