Excalibur Jinja Earth Station

Mawbsta 1

Excalibur being in salvaged memories makes Earth Station a bit more interesting. We can put it on HQ so if they flip your ID they can't run again on the same turn. It is also already very good with Border Control. Other than that it is a Jinja City Grid Vertical remote list with Surveyor. I am playing Wall to Wall with some advanceable ice and Mass Comms.

Rashida would be really good alongside Jinja City Grid but I decided against it due to the anti-synergy with Wall to Wall. Instead I am playing the install advance advance game with NGO Front. It is a bit awkward until you get a triple advanced Akhet since you also want to click your id to the remote tax side if it isn't already so a different agenda suite playing more 4-2s with Rashida instead of NGO Front might be better. Punitive Counterstrike is the alternate win con to pair with the 5-3s in the list.

I didn't really know what to do with the extra influence so I threw Marcus Batty in, but I imagine it could be used better.