Dyper in 2021 (Salvaged Memories) (Lockdown #12 Modified)

Jtfq99999 89

TL;DR: Get enough combo pieces, win.

Thanks to the community (GLC and IPT discord) for the discussions and feedback. Shoutout to @Diogene (Hivemind deck ideas) and @cableCarnage (Simulchip, Keiko)

How deck plays:

  1. Zer0 through your deck.

  2. Installing cards with money from Keiko, Paladin Poemu, and Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind

  3. Bookmark combo cards (Contaminate, By Any Means, Möbius, Paparazzi, Rebirth, Amped Up). Also Bookmark random cards to enable Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind money and optimize Zer0 procs, especially on I've Had Worse. Random cards also serve as buffer to lower the chance of Amped Up eating other combo cards.

  4. With enough setup, run, killing every ICE in your way with Trypano and Simulchip. then win with Mediums accessing their whole deck.

Random Notes:

  1. You only need 2 Virus Breeding Ground most of the time. It allows reaching 5 virus counter on Hivemind with Contaminate, to activate Trypano.

  2. Only get as many counters on Hivemind as necessary to open a way to R&D, further clicking up Hivemind worse to just running R&D, unless you expect Cyberdex Virus Suite, Archangel, or other shinanigans that would deny multiple runs.

  3. Manually click up Hivemind to 3 counters before the combo turn if the corp doesn't purge. This acts as if you Contaminated the Hivemind.

  4. Trypano Hivemind Simulchip can kill at most 6 ICEs. (False Echo DDoS Clone Chip is at most 7 ICEs). If the corp goes over the threshold, depending on the ability of the corp to rez every ICE, you may still try to hit R&D... or Rebirth into an old man Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist, then click up Hivemind to the max for that one access.

  5. Cards like Magnet, Tithonium, Architect(Rotated), does not work facedown, so you can trash them facedown before running. Most of the time you trash the ICEs facedown, unless you are Showing Off or they have more ICE that you do destruction, but not enough money to rez them all.

  6. Most games could be won without By Any Means and Paparazzi. It is useful when you can't though (Jinteki: Personal Evolution flatlines, Project Atlas pulling every agenda out of R&D)

2 Mar 2021 valerian32

I was wondering for a bit how it worked.

Without the explanation is difficult. But I guessed it and OUCH.

2 Mar 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Jtfq earning his ‘Combo Overlord’ achievement!

3 Mar 2021 Jtfq99999

Description updated!

3 Mar 2021 valerian32

Thank you!