To Prove a Point PE (3-1 2nd @ Swiftie GNK)

rotage 2327

During a stream I was chatting with the delightful Jakuza about PE and more specifically about punitive PE. He maintained Punitve PE was not good and I was a fool for suggesting such madness (possible exaggeration here) so I decided to prove a point at the next GNK

This deck is the outcome, the idea is to put an double advance an overwriter in the remote (doesnt matter if it isnt iced) if dont run it then use la costa grid to keep advancing it and you can use it with Trick of Light to score your stings and/or philotic. If they run it then you can put another one in and keep doing this, if they keep running them you can EMP them to death

But I hear you ask, you cant win if you score your 3/1s and 3/2 how do you score the other agendas, well again you can put out a naked Obokata and double advance it, if they take it you can then back channels the over advanced overwriter to gain a lot of money and then hopefully punitive them

Is the deck any good you ask? No it isn't but it is fun