I hope this stays bad [SCOOPS]

aDumbBrick 669

When given an exclusive scoop what do you do? Play with it in the most busted ways you can think of, of course. Unfortunately I didn't get to play as many games as I wanted but a handful of people got to play against my decks on jnet this week where Dedicated Technician Team stood in for ...


Deck Writeup

As the title suggests I hope there isn't a good deck here. While brainstorming what this card does I realized that in SSO you often want to just sit there with a big CWP durdling until you get to combo off.

So that is the plan, When the moment is right put a CWP in the server and then just get money and rez expensive ice. Eventually you will have enough counters to combo score out another 5/3 & along the way you can probably get a hostile too.

This new card accelerates the plan since one copy of it = one missing combo peice if you can protect it with your big ol CWP.

This deck will fold to some tech cards, but smarter folks than me might be able to turn it into a monster.