Party Hard (SG Only)

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CritHitd20 2866

Anarchs host the sickest parties, and none moreso than Rene with his collection of virus programs. Your deck sometimes starts a bit slow, but you have two very powerful ways to generate economy with DZMZ Optimizer (which makes your many viruses cheaper to install) and Fermenter (which can make loads of credits if the corp doesn’t waste turns purging). This deck has a lot of redundant copies of powerful-but-unique cards like Cookbook and Intuitive Fluency, and after finding your first one you can use the others for the ability of Rene’s console Carnivore!

This is part of a series of decklists to get yourself started with deckbuilding using only the cards from System Gateway! These are meant to help introduce you to each faction’s playstyle, as well as some of the many powerful strategies that you’ll find in the Startup and Standard formats. Of note, these aren’t the only decks you can build out of System Gateway; I’m sure you can find ways to make these lists even better, or maybe you’ll build something of your own!

29 Mar 2021 b3ar

I guess Intuitive Fluency is Verbal Plasticity?

29 Mar 2021 CritHitd20

Yes, my apologies. I can't keep those two names straight.