Yet Another Sunny Lockdown (1st @ Lockdown #13)

Odol 458

This is a standard Sunny deck that I took to the Lockdown #13 event. Sunny is traditionally good in this format, as she is rarely affected by its restrictions.

This time even more so, as banning our friend Clippy for the event meant that I had to expect some nasty barriers from the corps, including the infamous Data Ward in ACME. Security Nexus, as always, was worth its weight in bitcoins.

The only major difference between this deck and its predecessors is that I do not trust in Gachapons and went for 3x Modded instead, but this is purely a matter of preference (that is soon going to become irrelevant anyway, with Modded rotating out).

I would like to thank all my opponents and TO for yet another amazing Lockdown tournament. Rock on!

29 Mar 2021 Longi

Hey Piotr, congrats, what a dominating ride you had!

29 Mar 2021 Cpt_nice

Good job!

29 Mar 2021 Odol

Thanks guys, see you in the new meta :)