Evergreen Alice (3rd at Lockdown 13)

@Bookkeeper 31

Stimhack and Paperclip were banned in the event’s format, as well as most multiaccess cards.

For the Diversified Portfolio format I cowardly chose two midweight IDs, both worth 5 points. Wouldn’t risk any brave handicaps.

The Alice build is based on an observation that (almost?) every route from R&D to a scoring remote leads through a very narrow passage: the HQ channel. Now if only one could be able to somehow disrupt this flow of cards with some heavy machinery operated by rebel workforce? It might allow some brave manoeuvres. Thus, the HQ might look like a logistically important area in shambles, where the most important Merchant is on your side and the person with a megaphone is not helping with maintaining order.

I trained some on jnet against Standard decks and it performed OK. On the day it did what it was supposed to, going 4:1 overall.

alt text

The basic gameplan is to pressure the most vulnerable central so that occasionally the remote allows a steal or you win on centrals anyway. You do that and repeat, else: lose the game. Like the only time it lost on the day: Alice’s ability got turned off by DeeR’s Haarpsichord and an early News Team, reporting live from the Archives (GG!).

Huge thanks to Vesper for organizing the event and so much energy on stream! Shoutout to all participants of the last Lockdown in this Standard meta.