Lucky ACME (3rd at Lockdown 13)

@Bookkeeper 31

For the Diversified Portfolio format I cowardly chose two midweight IDs, both worth 5 points. Wouldn’t risk any brave handicaps.

Yellow got hit by the event format bans - but losing Bellona and HHN wasn’t the end of the world for this ACME, one only needs one tag for SEA Source & Exchange. And I could bore the opponents to death with Fully Op horizontal shenanigans plus some insurance from DBS, AR-ES and Lady Liberty.

The overall record on the day was 3:1:2 (one timed draw) – there were significant difficulties in playing vs mini-factions. But hey, people piloting those very Sunny and Adam played in the final (congrats Odol & DeeR, a pleasure to play with you and to watch you play).

Huge thanks to Vesper for organizing the event and so much energy on stream! Shoutout to all participants of the last Lockdown in this Standard meta.

Publishing the list now, I see it’s also my farewell to the Data Raven.