Built to Place Last

greyfield 3860

A new set, a new opportunity to transmute memes into dreams.

Weyland: Built to Last does a passable Mushin no Shin impression, since IAAing a card breaks even on credits (and unlike Mushin, doesn't prohibit you from jamming it into an ice-protected server). Coupled with Urtica Cipher standing in for Project Junebug, the deck has a critical mass of advanceable traps, "traps," and genuinely useful cards to play a "Beale or No Beale"-esque mind game with your opponent.

Key tips:

  • There's nothing wrong with single-advancing your ice even though almost all of the ice in the deck need 3 advancements to benefit; taking that action is net +1 credit for your click, meaning you lose little real tempo, and you set up big Mass Commercializations to keep your engine gassed.
  • Akhet not only can put advancements on your trap or "trap" in the remote, it can also put advancements on Archer to fuel Mass Comms.
  • Clearinghouse is no fan of Political Operative, which is in abundance these days. Don't be afraid to bait a Pol. Op. activation off a smaller Clearinghouse to save yourself the extra credits of getting the Clearinghouse up to critical range; if they take the damage, maybe they'll be less likely to survive a Punitive off the agenda you immediately slam into the remote.

Pour one out for the Space Camps I had to sadly cut.

1 Apr 2021 bblum

amazing deck name

1 Apr 2021 TyrellCorp

"had to cut" space camp bah drop a hedge

4 Apr 2021 manveruppd

+1 for the deck name :D