Hungry Hungry Apex

pang4 850

It's not the first Apocalypse that ends the game. It's the second one. Let's do it.

Disclaimer: When you play this deck, you will always feel like you're losing. You'll never have a pile of credits, a strong breaker suite, or good multiaccess. You'll be flying by the seat of your virtual betentacled pants.

What you will do is absolutely wreck the Corp's day. Preyand Apocalypse are your power cards, a scalpel or a sledgehammer respectively. Heartbeat is the best defense credits can buy, and will render you virtually unkillable. Consume isn't great, but it synergizes well with Prey and lets you contest problem Assets.

"What about breaking ICE?" Mayfly is a huge boon for the deck, and so is Botulus. Supplement them with Boomerang and Endless Hunger, and you have a very strong, entirely disposeable rig. Yes, you have a limit on how much ICE you can break in a game, but who needs to break ICE more than once anyway? Trash it, and get in.

It's not for the faint of heart, playing Apex. You must embrace the strange, never fear death, and live on the edge of sanity. There, you will find power.

1 Apr 2021 ilksvorbern

I had a great time playing against this deck. A really good Apex list and pang4 is a lovely opponent.

4 Apr 2021 Uruz

love the rig, love the tempo.

4 Apr 2021 Murse

It's really cool to see other people experimenting with Apex in the age of new cards. Other people are trying to build broken Loup decks, but I've seen a BUNCH of people (myself included) trying to see if Apex can work now. Just goes to show how much love there is for this ID.

It's cool how the two lists that I've looked at today (yours and take such different takes on how to make Apex work (lean into Apocalypse vs ignoring it). Shameless plug for my own Apex deck before rotation went more ignore Apoc. Can't wait to see if the new cards make Apex at least tier 2!