[Startup] Datasucker Rig

SirLoathing 94

With Startup popping off in jNet recently, thought I'd share a few decks that have been doing very well for me.

Paired with strength reduction, Buzzsaw, Cleaver and Odore are the most efficient breakers since Yog.0. Alongside Keiko/Taka, your first run a turn on 3 or 4 ice servers is often free. This deck plans on assembling its Leech rig as quickly as possible and then hammering the corp with Stargate once a turn with Docklands Pass to catch the agendas that slip through the cracks.

Our gameplan here is pretty simple; ride the acceleration of Hoshiko/DreamNet with run econ (Bravado and Dirty Laundry) to quickly find and set up a full Leech rig. Once you've found all the pieces, your drip will outpace anything the Corp can present you with. For installing our rig, we have moved away from Liberated Accounts/Career Fair in favor of run based econ and Moshing so that we find all of our pieces quickly.

Unlike Crim Bravado decks, you are not looking to facecheck as aggressively. Outside of multiple Tollbooths or startup Bioriods, your fully built rig is not something the corp can defend against. As such, your priority is getting your breakers and drip online.

The Devil Charm/Chisel should be spent before you install Stargate to clear out whichever server you plan on running the most often in the matchup (usually this is R+D). In general, don't install Stargate until your entire rig is set up.

Moshing can be held until you have dupes in hand that aren't needed. Dupes of Dreamnet, Leech (we only have room in our finished rig to have 1 installed), or whatever else.

Bravado and Dirty Laundry should only be spent to force Hoshiko flips. Don't just spend Laundry for 3 creds if it doesn't accomplish anything else. Don't Bravado into a server mid game just to lose your breakers to a Sentry you can't handle.

There is certainly a good deal of tweaking you can do to the list. The 1 of Wildcat Strike, the second Docklands Pass, the second Trickster Taka are all cards that can be replaced. I have found that the dupes of important rig pieces like Dockland Pass and Taka and just discarding down to Moshing fits my playstyle. I wish there was room in the rig for more of the excellent Startup virus' (Imp, Botulus, Fermenter). You certainly could drop the Chisel/Devil Charm for some of them; however, carving out the one expensive ice a Corp can afford to open up for Stargate or Docklands pressure is quite strong. Devil Charm is also an "Inside Job" for all of your breakers, offering them a massive discount.

Boomerang is not my favorite inf expenditure over just more money, but in your finished rig it makes your Hoshiko/DreamNet draw not wasted and lets your Paladin stick around.

Hope there are some Startup tourneys coming up because this format is a blast.