Az the Master Spy

RTsa 351

I've been playing this deck and don't really know how good it is, but so far it's been pretty solid when it gets going (and that seems to be most games). Early game can be rough for sure if Tech Traders/Writers don't show up and you can't get a good DoF off with a Boomerang. It's a Geist type of list that's quite fun to play. There's so much draw from Reaver(s) and Masterwork and pseudo-draw from Q-Loop that the deck runs out in pretty much every game.

Tips for play:

1) Get those Spy Camera triggers at the end of the corp turn for maximum Reaver value. You're often getting them to trigger on your own turn from Boomerang.

2) Try to get Q-Loop value on the corp turn as well -> this triggers Masterwork for an additional draw, which is very nice.

3) Get The Back online. You'll want to get those Spy Cams back into the deck (and install them clicklessly with Q-Loop and Masterwork, since your deck is literally just hardware at that point)

Cards I don't like:

Mutual Favor. There doesn't ever seem to be a good time to play this. Early game you're likely too poor to break with breakers anyway and later on you've already drawn the whole deck. Would probably be better as a 3rd Inside Job or extra econ.

Political Operative. It's in the deck to combat things like Clearinghouse, but honestly it hasn't seen much play so far. Again, extra econ would probably be better than a tech card such as this.

Carmen. Many games you don't need to install it and it seems to encourage bad play patterns (like running early in the turn just to get the discount!) for me. Should probably swap for a Bukhgalter.

Surprisingly good cards:

Flip Switch. This comes into play surprisingly often and I'm almost never sad to see it installed from Q-Loop or Masterwork. It's decent HHN tech and sometimes you get superb value by jacking out or even reducing a trace.

Az. The amount of money the ID saves you is incredible. It's 1c each turn for sure (even Masterwork -> Spy Camera install saves you the credit if you don't have anything more expensive to go for) and quite often it's a saved credit on the corp turn as well. Comes with a link too? Sign me up!