Neuro-Palana 2-1 Early Bird Gateway Tournament

Deus Mortis 9

Combine score of tournament results + testing is 9/3 with losing one game due to adding advancement token on wrong card with La Costa Grid so I would say that this deck could be promising starting point to new meta.

Main strategy of this deck is gaining credits with Personalized Portal and building hard to get server with Anoetic Void then exchanging Portal with 3 points agenda and scoring it on first click so you can play two Neurospikes to flatline runner or just score normally.

9 Apr 2021 bagira

Hi, folks! I'm a noob, how do you overinstall Personalized Portal and score a 3 pt agenda within a single click? What's the combo here, what am I missing?

12 Apr 2021 Deus Mortis

You won't do it in one click. You use 1 click to install agenda and you can have only one agenda or asset in a server so you have to trash portal. Then you slowly advance agenda so you can use first click of your turn for fifth advancement so you can use rest of the clicks to Neurospike your opponent instead of usual installing agenda double advance and triple advance next turn. Hope this helps.