HB Fast Adv

jodahae 7

This is the list ive been grinding on J-Net to get back into standard.

Its felt fantastic against every ID with the exclusion of the big money Val deck thats shown up.

So far its been really nice to play a 44/15 that makes your opponent feel like their running against a 60 card deck. 3x Sprint and Spin Doctor along with Project Vacheron means that an opponent either has to steal 4 of your X/2's or wait 4-7 turns to get enough points to get a win.

The upgrades are a mix of glacier and fast advance. La Costa Grid is the best way to never advance out either the 4/2's or the 5/3's in combination with Seamless Launch. On the topic of Seamless Launch it is the one card that strings together the pressure and allows this deck to always force the Runner to question whats at the bottom of your remote.

All the ICE is chosen to maximize either your ability to dig to play fast advance or to punish a face check with the wrong breaker out. Rototurret and Macrophage are perhaps the weakest ice, but I like that their a gear check and that it allows me to have two ice in each category that can trash an installed card.

Obviously i have a few interesting deck choices, those being Ark Lockdownand NAPD Cordon, and lastly Archived Memories. Lockdown is a absolute necessity with how good the bin breakers ( MKUltra,Paperclip,Black Orchestra)are.

If you get the chance to lock one out though in the early game, it can be all the tempo you need to win a game.

NAPD Cordon is interesting because in most matchups it wont be necessary. However if you need to tax the runner and play a slower glacier style this card can work pretty hard for you. Along with Manegarm Skunkworks it can tax the runner for atleast 9 credits if they dont have clicks to pay. Cordon can also act as a longterm Current similar to New Angeles Sol: Your News; if you have click before installing an agenda and a way to fast advance the following turn you can use your ID to pull back Cordon and play it again.

You could also totally play some number of Ikawah Project in place of Project Vacheron if its more your style.

Archived Memories has been a great tempo catch all, something that lets you play though ICE destruction or aggressive René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal and Imp decks.

Ill continue to update the deck but this is a super solid foundation and should work well for you.