Stargate Ayla (Startup)

saetzero 2392

I am enjoying the deck building restriction of start up format

This deck can probably hang ok with standard too

things you can change easily:

diesel / VRcation/ verbal plasticity - change the numbers of these to taste. run earthrise too if you want

telework contract / smartware distr. - i think this is flexible, whatever you wanna do here. rezeki also a choice, but MU gets to be an issue.

breakers - carmen and mimic seem good, but you can do whatever you like. 2x gauss felt like enough. - can change to a 2nd atman, mimic, corroder, unity i think as well. whatever you wanna do.

mayfly is lowkey insane to me, so thats also a choice.

Stargate and Botulus is pretty fun. Simulchip Botulus into itself at the end of the corp turn to go into your runner turn with 2 counters on it.

Have fun. Expect more Startup stuff from me.

11 Apr 2021 Griffonstone

Thank you. I will jack in and take this one out for a run and let you know how it handles :)

12 Apr 2021 b3ar

Thanks for posting this list. I'll try it.

Do you have an idea for a Startup Kit?