RLC Seamless Rush

ilksvorbern 27

Took out NGO Front as I never wanted to play it. RLC was great - it speeds you up even more by giving you an extra click, or helping you find Seamless Launch.

Deck went 2-2 - both wins due to rush, both losses to a combination of agenda flood / low ice / very good players beating me! Very tight though - I think both games I lost I would have one the following turn.

I'd cut 1x Fairchild and perhaps put a Magnet in its place, and perhaps find room for Macrophage.

Also, I wasn't hugely impressed by Spin Doctor since putting ICE on R&D didn't seem an option most of the time, so potentially I could make it Sprint and use the influence for something delightful - A copy of Consulting Visit to find a second Seamless perhaps?

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