Rogtae V1.1 - 6th @ 32 person SC (5-2)

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Unrelated Story Part 4

"What are you doing here Rotage0?" stammered Rotage, Rotage0 was not someone you saw often and even rarer to see him in the lab
"I knew you would come here, you are looking for Rotage1, but he is away on an errand for me, one which I will not reveal to you"
"Why, we never have secrets amongst the Rotage's its part of the pact we made when we joined" replied Rotage, he was beginning to feel annoyed
"Times change, we need to change with the times, I'll say no more on the subject Rotage, I'd suggest you forget about this and get back to work on your projects
"Ok, I'll get back to work on my projects, I'm sure you know best" replied Rotage, although he didn't mean it and fully intended to continue his search no matter what the consequences

To be continued



I had been testing a reg tao list in the week up to the previous event but I changed to Apoctao at the last moment, with Apoctao being expected I wanted to go back to a reg tao list. With the corp lists going super fast I decided I wanted to go fast as well so that meant dropping the Rezeki and DZMZ which I had originally, I then decided to try out Tread Lightly as this could delay the corps

Card Breakdown

ID- Love this ID so much, it does encourage aggression in Shaper and poses lots of decisions to make
Econ - The plan was to have lots of quick impact econ such as Sure Gamble, Creative Commission along with slightly slower econ but still fairly quick such as Aesop, Harbinger and Daily Casts. This ensures your opening hand should have some econ you can play so you can start being aggressive
Draw - Standard suite of Diesel and VRCation, I am happy with these Run Cards - So Dirty Laundry, Overclock were standard choices to either reward runs or make runs or using SMC cheaper, the surprise card was Tread Lightly, I thought of this on the morning of the event, it was great. It often acted like an inside job where the corp would not rez or throw their maths off were they felt they could keep me out, once aware of it, it would slow them down more to give me more time
Breakers - This is something to look out, I wasn't happy with Bukhgalter with lots of drafters around, I might consider Nanotek which will free up some influence too,with Tao I can move the sentries around to help Nanotek
Other Cards - As this is an aggressive list there isnt many tech cards in here just Whistleblower which I used against Restoring Humanity in the cut and helped me win, but otherwise was a dead card

The Games

The deck performed well on the day going 4-1 in Swiss and 0-1 in the cut. I beat an 2 Asa, Builder of Nations, Palana and a Restoring Humanity. The losses were to a Reg Sports Metal where I was 6-0 up and felt I made some bad choices in a game I could have won, also lost to Spombo managed to get to 6ap but wasn't able to steal an early Vacheron. Otherwise the deck felt good in all the games


So the deck did really well and its something I will look at further. Changes would likely be lookng at Nanotek, I would also like to get Turning wheel in to get some value in HQ runs and try to force ice to be installed there


Thanks to Imrahil, Hyperbolic_Mess, SteffMonkey, Swiftie, Hemraa, Imrahil, Thorn and Twistyb for helping provide chat between rounds
Thanks to RC for running an excellent event
Thanks to Aki for streaming the event Finally thanks to all my opponents for being great fun to play against

11 Apr 2021 SimonMoon

Whistleblower. Smh

11 Apr 2021 ilksvorbern

What would you potentially use the influence for if you cut Bugkhalter?

11 Apr 2021 Swiftie

I thought the point of the deck was so you could call it Rotage?

11 Apr 2021 rotage

@SimonMoon Fair lol
@ilksvorbern Good question, I'd like turning wheel or some kind of HQ multi access, or maybe like Aesops and Harbinger, others have mentioned if I get enough value from it, maybe Bravado?
@Swiftie Was too easy so needed a typo

13 Apr 2021 tzeentchling

Do you have enough value from the Harbingers to comfortably play Aesop's? Them and last-credits Casts seem like the only things you really want to sell here. Could consider swapping Bukghalter for MKUltra if you really want to keep the Aesop engine.

17 Apr 2021 rotage

@tzeentchling Yeah thats a good point, was thinking could go -3 Harbinger, -3 Aesop, -1 Bulkghalter for +3 Liberated +1 Nanotek + 3? either more econ or possibly some tech cards, if we want more influence can swap the liberated for teleworkcontract

27 Apr 2021 ArminFirecracker

You could also add DJ Fenris as a Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter for HQ pressure.

1 May 2021 rotage

@ArminFirecracker Oh thats an interesting idea, defintely worth looking at