TWIY: The Fine Print (Louisville Regional Top 8)

x3r0h0ur 8692

This deck went 6-0 in swiss with 4 flatlines and 2 score outs. I'm surprised I could score out as playing go-fish the night before I was positive it was pure scorch. I entered the top 16 with 20 prestige tied 3 ways ending up at the 3rd seed. Unfortunately, I became agenda flooded, I believe because when I returned from the food break I quickly shuffled and did not pile shuffle. Ultimately, my fault, but I did lose to a good player anyway. I never had the chance to play it again in the losers bracket having lost the 3 dice rolls to choose sides (we always had the same number of plays).

I have to say that I think a lot of wins were due to slip ups on the runners part, or just simple mistakes, but what lead to some of the flatlines was being able to get astro script tokens, making runners desparate to stop the train, so they would plow through data raven and get tagged, and knowing they can't stay tagged, clearing it. After beating the DR trace or breaking it, you're looking at a massive tax on the runner's econ. Also the beautiful thing about TWIY is that it tells your opponent 1 of 2 polarizing things out of the gate, either blindingly fast Astrobiotics, or this. You have to play the exact opposite against either one to win, and by the time you figure it out, often times it's too late (data raven kinda gives it away, but hey, then I have a data raven).

Notable situations: First round I played a criminal player and flatlined him on the 4th turn as he took an NAPD from my hand. Another round I overdrew and put TGTBT in the trash with NAPD with jackson in an iced remote, the runner ran archives and stole both, after clearing tag and paying through NAPD, he had 1 credit to my 16. Boom time. Several times the runner would expend their cash getting in, steal an NAPD, and then I would tag them into oblivion with MSR, and the rest of the game was me digging 6 or 3 cards per turn for the 2/3rd scorch, and them digging 4 clicks for plascretes. We were both laughing as we knew what was going on.

Overall, I'm amazed at how well this worked, as the night before I was prying my brain apart deciding on this vs astrobiotics or just scrapping it wholesale as it didn't seem that great.

8 Jun 2014 KingOfOdonata

I actually played you that day. You were my round 6 opponent. Both of your decks were very rough. I'll comment separately on each decks in respect to our games:

So, I played against this with my overall classic Noise deck (which you said that you though it cool I was running traditional Noise). I only ended up getting 4 points. I had seen an NAPD Contracts in hand on my last turn, but of course I didn't have the money to steal it. I had made the really bad mistake of just trying to barrel into R&D with a Medium in play since only Data Raven was guarding it, allowing the tags to stack. I quickly realized I should have dropped my mimic and moved a little slower, since you immediately Closed Accounts'ed me. We both discussed how NBN is so good at making the Runner confused on what exactly is going on and what the deck is built for.