Architects Startup (12th in Early Bird Startup Tournament)

ArminFirecracker 181

The deck feels pretty strong. But went 1-2 on the tournament. It lost twice on R&D accesses, although it was heavily iced.

My corp was paired twice against the top players: Aruzan(1st) and levktet(3th). So I was not allowed to do any mistakes. The matchup versus Aruzan was very close. Against Levktet I needed too many clicks for credits.

13 Apr 2021 Shorty

How did the Lockdown turned out? Was there enough Boomerang and Botulus present to make it worth a slot?

14 Apr 2021 Arteezy

@Shorty I think the next activation is there to synergize with bioroids. I played against this deck and it makes it impossible to run during the lockdown, so synergizes really well with seamless launch.