Wu...d ya fetch me m'rig please?

Odol 485

This is an experiment I am currently working on and could use some feedback / ideas from the community.

Having played quite a few games with my most recent Smoke list (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/64740/a-bird-a-dj-and-two-politicians-walk-into-a-bar-) I found that the games I lose are ones where I was unable to set up my rig quick enough.

Migrating the list to Kabonesa aims at solving this particular problem, while - hopefully - not generating any other difficulties. The idea is to Rebirth into Smoke as soon as the rig is ready, but in some match-ups Jesminder can also be a viable option.

The game plan can be summarised in a few brief points:

  1. If you have any Cold Read or Overclock in your grip just Kabonesa out an SMC and fetch a breaker with a run into any unprotected server (usually Archives).
  2. Fetching a breaker or Mantle with Kabonesa is also an option as long as you can Simulchip it anew in the same turn or put it into your bin with Cold Read before the Wu power moves it out of town.
  3. Instant access to Misdirection comes invaluable if the corp tries to HHN you into oblivion.
  4. Being able to filter out all SMCs from your stack compensates for the additional five cards we need to be playing as Kabonesa.

Otherwise this is just your good old Smoke deck, relying on tempo, efficiency and Imp to control the game from the very start and thwarting any devious plans the corp might be planning for us. Feel free to play around with it and let me know how it works out for you :)

Always be Smoking, Sometimes be Wuing!

16 Apr 2021 5N00P1

Master Smoke is now Master Wu.... Interesting Take I might give it a try, long time no Smoke for me....