Come On Barbie Lets Go Party

Pilchy 5

17 Apr 2021 TrungusWungus

Just a question for your console choice between Pantograph and Pennyshaver, do you switch it up according to the match up?

17 Apr 2021 Pilchy

I actually republished this deck that focuses on a completely different strat that doesnt include pantograph. I cant seem to get rid of this version though for some reason!

17 Apr 2021 ahunt130

Does making the run with Inside Job open up the use of En Passant. Are the words "Bypass" and "Passed" equivalent?

23 Apr 2021 ptc

@TrungusWungus while you can have more than one console in your deck, there's really no reason you ever would.

Pantograph definitely isn't worth 6 influence in this case so I'd just stick with the Pennyshaver which works a lot better in this deck anyway. You could use the saved influence for something like Professional Contacts to help with draw (which this deck definitely needs) or maybe some R&D pressure like The Maker's Eye.