Better than Palana™

NetDad 433

This is another rush deck, but not of the Seamless variety. By forcing the runner to choose between spending clicks early game to flip archives we can slow down their setup with little cost to our own.

How to play:

Get a facedown card in archives, then put stuff in the remote and forget to ice centrals. There are only 8 agendas, and we have excellent cards that help us control exactly where they are. You want to invite the runner to spend time running early for low value while we rush out.

Card Choices:

Penguin is amazing here and makes the ID shine. I wish there were more tempo-positive cards like this available to us. It lets us put our agendas exactly where we need them and lets us know how hard we should try to defend the top card of R&D when the runner pokes it, all while netting us drip from our ID. A+

Hansei Review is our second option for easy facedowns in archives. Overall I wish there were more tempo-positive cards that could dump things in archives, but unfortunately this is the end of the list.

Spin Doctor is on double-duty here as well. He helps with the rush and combos excellently with Hasty. Sometimes Hasty won't draw an agenda to score when needed, and the Doctor's shuffle is more than welcome to help dig. Common reshuffle targets are Hasty and Rashida. In most matchups we need to draw agendas quickly to win the game, so be careful shuffling back cards that don't help you draw.

Notable absences:

Disposable HQ, Space Camp, and other archives "traps". The trap of archives here is the click the runner has to spend to run it, and if we're lucky, mid-game it'll be a CVS with Sandbox scored for unlimited drip.

Genotyping, Longevity Serum, and to a lesser extent, Preemptive. These cards are too slow for this deck. If you lose an agenda to archives, just keep going. It happens. Reshuffling draws the game out, and this deck's late game is somewhat weak.

Anoetic Void: It doesn't combo well with our ID since the cards are placed facedown past the trigger point, and losing valuable cards and credits to score isn't worth it unless we're scoring the final agenda. I'm testing out Hyoubu Precog Manifold now and have had descent luck, it's much better at rushing out the first or second agenda.

Season to Taste:

Tune the ice to fit your expected meta, what's shown is a fair guideline. For example, if you're expecting Mayfly or Engolo, maybe add Wraparound and sneak in the last Border Control or another Manifold. If you're not expecting viruses, cut the Sandboxs, Magnets, CVSs, and Macrophage for Offworld Office and your choice of ice.

Overall the Pālanā comparison to this ID will be with us for a while, and the two IDs play very differently. The food-centric existing ID is best at longer games and is a little richer than Restoring Humanity, but doesn't pressure the runner's clicks early the way this ID does. Give this a shot if you want to try something new!

27 Apr 2021 zmb

Kakurenbo is a card :)