To Rez or not to Rez (That is the Question)

Jamil 38

This deck is a newish but equally aggressive version of the ol' school Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional deck. The principle of this deck's aggressivity is to put the Corp in front of a dilemma.

Either they rez ICE, giving you your precious 2 creds each turn; and you have way to both test their defenses with Security Testing, to dodge them with Boomerang and Inside Job, and to make them pay with Tread Lightly and Forged Activation Orders. Or they don't rez, which gives you access and information (The Maker's Eye, Legwork, The Turning Wheel) and allows you to nurture your run economy with cards like Bravado or Security Testing.

If the corp goes up on creds, try to stop them with tricks like shutting expensive pieces of ICE (Tranquilizer). And make them rez again!

When you wonder if you'll mulligan or not, remember that your economy and your draw lie on your events and hardware (Prepaid VoicePAD and Aniccam)

Finally, like the good old Gabriel Santiago deck, this one is pure aggression and fundamentally lies on run economy. With that in mind, if you want to make changes, you could replace Security Testing with Sneakdoor Beta.

Always be running!