Its all about synergy (Lockdown 13)

Longi 1445

I really enjoyed playing this deck, it felt very synergistic. I only lost one game with it but my corp performance dragged me down :(

The deck is full of synergies:

  • 17 targets for Preapaid VoicePAD (plus returned cards from Labour Rights)

  • 9 targets for Masterwork draw (but more comes with reusing of Boomerang)

  • 13 2c cards supporting Khusyuk ability

  • 26 targets for Pawnshop - sell and reinstall everything you can - The Class Acts, Drug Dealers or even the Masterwork since it is very profitable; as the game comes to its end, do not hesitate to sell your rig (Prepaid VoicePAD etc.)

  • you get The Class Act scry triggers in your and also in opponent´s turn (most draw is clickless due to abilities of Drug Dealers and Masterwork)

PS: Unless you have the Pawnshop in your opening hand, always use the first Hostage to find it. Otherwise find draw cards (Drug Dealer or The Class Act) to speed up the setup.