Easy A-poc

DoomRat 1402

Two weeks ago, I published what I think is a very solid shaper deck. But its pretty hard to play. After 30 or 40 games with it I was pretty tired of it. Tired of thinking about every run. Tired of micromanaging how how many flies I had left. Tired of figuring out which tool I was going to need deal with the threats the corp was presenting, three turns in advance. And I couldn't help but think, wouldn't it be easier if everything just a bit less thinky? And then I remembered an adage that fit this situation perfectly. "As the size of an explosion increases, the number of problems it cannot solve approaches zero."


How to Play this Deck

This deck is real easy to play, provided you can embrace potentially discarding useful cards. To blow up the corp, you need Apocalypse and your breakers. If you don't have those things, you need to be drawing. Don't be afraid to draw through, Moshing or Zer0 good econ cards like Daily Casts or Liberated Account if you don't have them. Once you do have them, and you have a big pile of credits, blow the corp up. Repeat as necessary. If you keep doing this, some agendas should eventually fall out from somewhere. Pick them up and win.


Earlier this week, CritcalHitD20 posted a Pennyshaver Val deck with Wildcat Strike and Moshing. I didn't really care for for the Pennyshaver part of the deck, but combining these two "bad" cards was a great innovation, which I was happy to incorporate here. You need to plan a little, but with moshing (along with Dirty Laundry and Career Fair), you can almost always bounce back and dump cards if the corp chooses cards, which makes both options very good for you.

That's pretty much all I have to say about this list. Enjoy your Apocalypses!