SMC is a crutch - 3rd @ IT Startup

koga 870


The deck went 2-2 in this 20 people online Startup GNK

SMC is a crutch, Test Run is better with Euler

Inf is useless, I slotted a Class Act because I had no clue what to use it for

Aesop and Rezeki give you insane money while you camp the remote early

Euler + Pelangi gets you through 2 iced servers super easily

The previous version had Masterwork + Femme, nice vs 3adv Pharos

GZ for 1st place sis :3

Replays: Game 3 Game 4 or check out my Twitch

24 Apr 2021 guiot


4 Jun 2021 Oddball

Have you tried the deck with Prognostic Q-Loop? Or is the influence too tight with Kit?