Fox Force Five

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"Three tomatoes are walkin' down the street. Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato. Baby Tomato starts lagging behind, and Papa Tomato starts getting really angry. Goes back and squishes him and says, 'Ketchup.'"

This deck is set up to run early and often, pressuring centrals from turn 1. You should be looking for opportunities to force rezzes and take accesses as often as possible. Obviously try to respect things like Hard Hitting News, Punitive Counterstrike, etc. as necessary as you work out the Corps game plan, but aside from hopefully installing an early Penny Shaver you shouldn't be installing much before you start face checking all over the place. Play it like it's 2012 and you're Gabriel Santiago.

3 Mutual Favor ensures you can find the breaker you need when you need it, but it's usually best used after the Corp has already gear checked you with something. Try not to waste time searching for breakers and installing them until you're given a reason to, it will help keep your tempo up.

Inevitably most Corps will eventually have ICE rezzed on all centrals, at which point you have to choose your runs a bit more carefully. When things slow down a bit like this, don't hesitate to click for credits, especially if you have tools to contest scoring windows. You'll want to try to get down Docklands Pass or Equivocation along with The Turning Wheel in order to make runs against defended servers more efficient.

Unlike Stargate which removes the access step and Conduit which is costly and vulnerable to purges, Equivocation is a cheap install that lets you see more cards and still get paid by Zahya. It also combos nicely with Jailbreak and The Turning Wheel to let you narrow in on the agendas. In a world of Bellonas and Ikawahs, getting good quality accesses without spending a ton of money on set up is highly rewarding.

Botulus is an answer to low cost taxing ICE like Slot Machine that can interfere with your run-based econ plans. For that reason it's typically best used on a Central server on something you know is taxing, while Inside Jobs and Boomerang make quick work of remote servers.

The breaker suite is solid, even if Amina is more expensive than I would like it to be. You could try Unity in it's place but it seems a bit finnicky. Aumakua would likely be a snap include if every Corp wasn't playing CVS/Sandbox/IP Block.

On the Lam and Falsified Credentials are flex slots. You can also make due without the Botulus if you need more influence. There are plenty of other tools you could consider as single copies to tech for different situations. Political Operative is pretty attractive for dealing with things like Anoetic Void, but then you'd have to play 6 Resources instead of 5. Theme fail.

It probably won't help you win, but you could even slot Tranquilizer or an Injection Attack if you want extra theme points.

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I lol'ed about the Pulp Fiction references =D