Anton Chigurh Comes to La Costa

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A large sum of credits has gone missing from your corporate account and you're liable to be held responsible for any unrecovered funds. Fortunately you know just who to call to collect.

Academy award-winning actor Javier Bardem reprising his role as Anton Chigurh along with his trusty pneumatic brain blaster.

Slowly build a remote on your turf with private security. Test the runner's resolve by tossing in different characters, and the occasional trap. Try to get a read on how likely they are to contest it.

Don't be afraid to click for credits while you install one card per turn. Many runners simply give up and choose not to interact with unadvanced cards so assemble your combo pieces, prepare your Show of Force and give them an opportunity to call it:

If they leave it alone, use some combination of Jeeves, La Costa, Biotic and Seamless to score it aggressively and then put them to rest with a quick Neurospike or two. I've managed to pull off a turn 5 flatline with the SoF/Spike combo, but it could potentially be done even quicker.

Of course if you aren't living the dream with all the combo pieces you can always Install and double advance the Show of Force and bluff it as an Obokata, letting you fire off on less clicks. Again, plenty of people will just look at you like:

If they do bite, pay all the Pri Sec tax, let them eat the PE net damage trigger and move on. Sometimes they get through and end up taking enough damage in the process to set you up for a score on the following turn.

Admittedly, In the cases where it doesn't go as smoothly you may find yourself feeling a bit like this:

But remember that to the runner, every move is terrifying and mistakes have deadly consequences. If they trash the Jeeves or steal the Show of Force, don't sweat it. You might just have to buckle in for a game that looks a little bit more like this:

Remember to play to your outs. The runner will often reach a point where they just physically can't steal Obokatas and you can win that way if you have to. Keep using Spin Doctor to recycle PriSecs and Snares and keep trying to bait bad runs.

Good luck and happy hunting!

3 May 2021 HoodooOperator

Best. Name. Ever.