Golden Week

SuperStranger 13

Mean NBN for Startup.

Stack 2 or even 3 Ganks on your Tyr scoring server, and Spin Doctor the Ganks back. If the runner doesn't want to get dragged through your remote, Daily Quest will set you up for having enough to rez SanSan and put the pressure on. Don't have enough for SanSan? License Acquisition has you covered.

This deck aims to get rich and stay rich. If you can't rez your Big Boy when you really need him, how are you supposed to do all that lovely brain damage?

5 May 2021 Krams

You are running Ping and Funhouse, but no tag punishment.

And you are forcing the runner to face Týr multiple times, but don't back up the brain damage by a kill threat. Even with only 1 hand size left, the runner won't get flatlined, since you run no other damage card than Týr.

So your only win condition left is slow advancing behind big ICE glacier style. Do you have enough stopping power for that? It's only 4 big ICE as far as I can see.

5 May 2021 SuperStranger

I did have Psychographics in here, but cut it somewhere along the way. Public Trail isn't totally necessary, so that might be a good substitution. On the other hand, I could remove Funhouse. It's expensive and not very effective if they go tagme. Ping is simply gearcheck with a nice bonus if they happen to facecheck last click (it's happened).

To be fair, the brain damage rarely fires unless the Tyr rez is extremely sneaky. In the times it has, the runner was too crippled to do much for the rest of the game.

This deck might pair well with Orbital Superiority, but this deck really needs its Offworld Offices to stay tempo positive. Otherwise, pivoting this deck into a kill deck is going to take more influence than I can get, and likely trying to do too many things at once, I think. Even if I were to edge out the slots I have to fit a tag/kill plan in here, I think it would still be pretty weak as a wincon.

The idea is to put every Gold Farmer on the remote and make it so unappealing that they can only run it once or twice, if at all. After that, Skunk + Bellona will make the runner broke and me rich, even they they do steal. I can bait my upgrades as agendas (and vice versa) and Never Advance to victory.

With Boomerang and Botulus in the wild, I've mostly resigned that Runners will get in if they want to, regardless of how strong your ice is. I'm still testing this deck, but I've never had a runner go for the glacier remote after it has 3-4 ICE on it. Late game, it's not too difficult to either grind the runner out or FA/NA the agendas I need to win with SanSan.